Executive Staff

Kitty Lensman – President & Chief Executive Officer


  Primary: 937.220.1600 | Secondary: 513.381.4033

Kitty Lensman is the President/CEO of Public Media COnnect, Inc., the regional corporation formed in May 2009 as a partnership of CET (Greater Cincinnati Television Educational Foundation) and ThinkTV (Greater Dayton Public Television). She is president of the PMC, CET and ThinkTV corporations as well as SOITA.

Kitty has 34 years of experience in public media and has held senior leadership positions at four major market affiliates. She joined the ThinkTV staff in 1999, was promoted to the Senior Manager of Marketing and Business Development in 2003, to Station Manager in 2009 and then to Chief Operating Officer in 2014. As Chief Operating Officer, Kitty managed Public Media Connect’s operations, production services, business development and communications.

Prior to ThinkTV, she worked for KPBS in San Diego, Miami Public Television and Oregon Public Broadcasting. Kitty graduated from San Diego State University’s College of Telecommunications and Film with honors.

In addition to her work in public media, Kitty is an active volunteer with many non-profit events and organizations in both Dayton and Cincinnati. Currently, she is a Board member of Clothes That Work (Dayton), Crayons to Classrooms (Dayton) and a member of the Cincinnati Executive Arts Leadership Group.

Lee Weinel – Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer


  Primary: 513.381.4033 | Secondary: 937.220.1600

Lee joined PMC in January 2015. Prior to joining PMC, he spent 26 years in Public Accounting, specializing in financial systems and accounting practices of non-profit organizations. He is responsible for overseeing the financial operations at PMC, including human resources and technology.

Sue Ellen Stuebing – V.P. and Chief Development Officer


  Primary: 513.381.4033 | Secondary: 937.220.1600

Sue Ellen Stuebing has over 30 years of experience, with the majority being in the non-profit management area. Sue Ellen came to CET in December 2006 to develop Major and Planned Giving. Since 2009 she has managed the Development and Corporate Support Departments of both CET and ThinkTV. Sue Ellen has served on the PBS Development Advisory Council and has been a Board Member of The Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council since 2009. She also serves on the PBS Planned Giving Advisory Council.

Gloria Skurski – Chief Content Officer


  Primary: 937.220.1600 | Secondary: 513.3814033

Gloria has more than 30 years’ experience in broadcasting and non-profit management. Now in her 20th year at ThinkTV, Gloria serves as Chief Content Officer, overseeing Educational Services, Community Engagement initiatives, and Programming. Prior to working at ThinkTV, she worked at CBS News in New York. Gloria holds a B.A. from the University of Chicago and an M.A. from the University of California at Berkley.

Jim Wiener- Chief Programming Officer


  Primary: 937.220.1600 | Secondary: 513.381.4033

Jim has worked in public media for more than 35 years. He served 17 years for WQED, first as a statehouse producer/reporter in Harrisburg, then as Operations Manager and later Programmer for WQEX, Pittsburgh’s second channel. He came to Dayton in 1997 as Program Manager of WPTD & WPTO then took on programming duties at CET with the merger. Jim is currently serving his second term as PTPA board member (Public Television Programmers Association) and has served on advisory panels for ITVS and the P.O.V. independent film series. Jim is a graduate of Ohio University and has done graduate work in media at the University of Akron.