Production Services

ThinkTV offers a wide range of production services for you and your client. From studio set-ups to complete on site field shoots, we offer state-of-the-art non-linear editing with two complete Avid suites, as well as onsite teleconferencing or uplink services for your business, or communication needs.

Partial client list includes:

  • The Kettering Foundation
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • Bloomberg News

The ThinkTV Studio

  • Production studios
  • Studio B – small studio – set up for uplink and talking head – no cyc
  • Studio K – full production studio – loading dock entrance
  • Studio is 4000 square feet.
  • Dimensions: 80′ x 50′
  • 130 running feet of cyc wall

Studio production/cameras and control

  • 3 Sony HDC 900 High Definition Studio Cameras with Canon Digital Super 25xs lenses (6.8mm – 170mm)

Studio production control room with 2-channel DVE

  • Additional facility benefits:
  • Green room with facilities on site
  • Refreshments available – kitchen facilities on site
  • Additional meeting rooms available on site

ThinkTV On Location

  • Our EFP packages are available with an on-staff videographer. Equipment available for use:


  • Sony 35D Digital docked to a Sony PVV-3 Beta SP deck
  • Hitachi Z-2000 Digital docked to a Sony PVV-3 Beta SP deck
  • Hitachi Z One Chip docked to a Sony PVV-1 Beta SP deck
  • All cameras have both batteries and AC power available.


  • Cartoni C20 S (with spreader)
  • Miller 25 (with spreader)
  • Gitzo 10

Light kits

  • Arri Softbank One (includes Chemira)
  • Lowell DP
  • Lowell Tota