All Creatures Great and Small on Masterpiece


Season 1 of All Creatures Great & Small opens in 1937, when James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph), fresh out of Glasgow Veterinary College, follows his dream to become a vet in the magnificent Yorkshire Dales, one of England’s most beloved and beautiful landscapes. He soon discovers that treating the animals is as much about treating their owners, and the Dales’ farmers are a tough crowd to please. At Skeldale House, James gets to know his newly formed dysfunctional family: his chaotic and erratic boss Siegfried Farnon (Samuel West), his wayward brother Tristan (Callum Woodhouse) and the shrewd Mrs. Hall (Anna Madeley), who is endlessly steering the ship. When local beauty Helen Alderson (Rachel Shenton) attracts James’s attention, he finds another, more enduring reason to stay in the Dales.

The series is based off of the beloved books of James Alfred Wight, published under the pen name James Herriot. The books published in 1970 have held a special place in people’s hearts throughout the world. Chronicling the heartwarming and humorous adventures of a young country vet, the books introduced readers to his unconventional mentor and the cast of farmers and townsfolk who lived and worked in the Yorkshire Dales in the 1930s.

This new adaptation preserves the rich and uplifting spirit, tone and values of Herriot’s iconic characters and stories, and will bring to life his sharply observed, entertaining and incredibly funny tales of country life in the North of England for a modern audience, introducing a new generation to his life-affirming stories.


Tuesdays, June 21 through July 23, at 9pm on ThinkTV14

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