We are just a couple of weeks away from our CET is ME event on April 27th at Longworth Hall. At the time of writing this, there are fewer than 50 tickets left, so if you haven’t gotten yours yet, now is the time!

CET is ME is a chance for all of us to be kids all over again while raising money for public television! We’re talking grown-up kids’ games and fancy takes on your favorite foods from childhood. So we decided to ask the folks around the offices of ThinkTV and CET what they used to play and snack on as kids and their answers were wild! Here’s what some of our team had to say:

Gloria Skurski, Chief Education Officer
“I loved Cracker Jacks! And pretty much playing anything outdoors – but Hide & Seek was the best!”

Marushwa Kingu, Project Assistant
“Favorite childhood snack – a cold-cut sandwich with a side of chips on a pool day. Favorite game – hide & seek in the dark.”

Lillian Derkson, Donor Relations Manager
“My favorite candy – Boston baked beans, lemon drops, and I still can’t live without Pay Days. Favorite games were hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, and hide & seek.”

Kitty Lensman, President & CEO
“I loved to play tether ball and red rover. Favorite foods were Captain Crunch Cereal – loved any cereal with a toy – Ovaltine – loved TV dinners! Grilled peanut butter sandwiches.”

Kaelin Hagler, Digital Content Specialist
“Candyland and Juicy Fruit gum!”

Kellie May, Manager Communications & Digital Initiatives
“My favorite food growing up was tomato soup… actually, that’s still my favorite food. But it has to be Campbell’s made with half milk and half water – don’t hit me with any homemade grossness. And I love grilled cheese, but I’m just as happy with some shredded cheese and crackers. If we’re talking snacks, then it has to be s’mores. I was a major Girl Scout nerd (and am a leader now), so s’mores are basically a food group.

As for games, I had a best friend who was obsessed with Monopoly. I can’t swear that I actually *liked* Monopoly, but we played it a lot… while watching Kiss Meets The Phantom of the Park. Don’t even ask – I don’t have an answer.”

Ann Rotolante, Producer
“Growing up in South Florida meant a lot of pool time, so a favorite game was Marco Polo. And because it always felt so hot outside, our favorite “snack food” was to go to a convenience store and get an ICEE, also known as a Slushie or Slurpee depending on which store you visit. For the record, Coke ICEEs are the best!”

Diane Kroplin, Educational Media Manager
“A perfect kid combo for me was toasted marshmallows and Hide and Seek.”

Rebekah Shafer, Accounts Payable
“Childhood favs= oatmeal cream pie & Monopoly or Super Mario.”

Robert Ashe, Corporate Sponsorship Manager
“I grew up with Fluffernutter sandwiches. Always delicious with a tall glass of chocolate milk. A favorite game was Kick the Can.  We would have 5-10 kids from the neighborhood hiding behind houses, bushes and trees, trying to outrun the person who was it’ to get to the can in the middle of the street before them.”

Now, you’re probably thinking “But Mike! What are YOUR favorites from childhood?” Well, valued reader who loves me and values what I have to say above all else, my favorite snack growing up was, and continues to be, a great big bag of salty, buttery popcorn. And my favorite game? Much like a lot of people on this list, it was hide & seek. There’s something thrilling about trying to outsmart a single person with your ninja-like skills of deception and stealth while trying REALLY hard not to giggle… which I always failed at.

Man, look at me. I used to be adorable. What happened…?

We hope you’ll make your way out to Longworth Hall on April 27th for CET is ME. It’s going to be a nostalgic night to remember!