Colombia: Wild and Free


Journey to South America to explore the magnificent flora and fauna of Colombia, from the wild and largely-deserted Pacific coast to the snow-covered volcanoes of the Andes, from the plains of the Orinoco region to the rainforests of the Amazon.


Wednesdays, May 18 and May 25, at 10pm on ThinkTV16
Mondays, May 23 and May 30, at 10pm on ThinkTV14

Two Rivers
Wednesday, May 18, at 10pm on ThinkTV16
Monday, May 23, at 10pm on ThinkTV14

Explore the magnificent eastern region of Colombia, a land defined by two powerful rivers: the Orinoco and the Amazon. Along the way, meet amazing wildlife, including jaguars, capybaras, anacondas and pygmy marmosets, the world’s smallest monkeys.

From The Pacific to the Andes
Wednesday, May 25, at 10pm on ThinkTV16
Monday, May 30, at 10pm on ThinkTV14

Journey to the largely uninhabited Pacific coast of Colombia, where humpback whales give birth and fish hunt crabs in the mangrove forests. Then ascend to snow-capped Andean volcanoes, home to stunning spectacled bears, condors and hummingbirds.

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