Continuing MLK Jr.’s Legacy through Celebrations and Conversations

Continuing MLK Jr.’s Legacy through Celebrations and Conversations

The way communities choose to honor the life of Martin Luther King Jr. can take many forms, from artistic expressions to intentional discussions. We’ve collected some of our most inspiring examples of individuals who are joining together in remembrance of Dr. King. Join in the celebrations and conversations, and reflect on how we can use our own voices to carry on his legacy in our world today with the specials below:

Music for Social Justice: MLK’s Lasting Legacy

Artists share the lasting impact of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Baritone Mark Rucker and accompanist Sadie Rucker deliver a powerful song written by Dr. Lena McLin. Jazz drummer Randy Gelispie and vocalist Brandon Rose reimagine Max Roach’s “I Have A Dream” performance. Multi-genre recording artist Damien Sneed improvises a moving solo piano piece based on “We Shall Overcome.” Watch it now:

Black Issues Forum: Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy with a visit to one of North Carolina’s oldest Black-owned newspapers. Then a one-on-one conversation about the far-reaching impact Black media has on society. Guest La’Meshia Whittington, executive director of the Green Majority, joins host Kenia Thompson. Watch it now:

Inland Sessions: Honoring Dr. King

Spokane artists lift their voices to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. in song and verse. Performers include Latrice Williams, Raggs & Bush Doktor, Stephy Nobles-Beans, JaNese Howard and Stevie Lynne. Watch it now:

Talking Together: MLK Jr. Day of Service and Solidarity

Tune in for a discussion around the goals of Grand Valley State University’s Day of Service and Solidarity: to educate participants about the Civil Rights movement; inspire people to engage in their communities by listening, learning and advocating for social change on campus and beyond; and to learn from one another through intergenerational conversations as people work side by side. Watch it now:

¡COLORES!: Hakim Bellamy MLK Interpretive Performance

In this ¡COLORES! episode, a series with stories devoted to the creative spirit, Hakim Bellamy shares his meditation on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by reading letters and poetry. Watch it now:

Basic Black: Public Speaking, Discourse & Debate

Historically, debate was only practiced academically by the privileged few, leaving people of color dramatically underrepresented. However, many African American speakers have delivered important speeches, from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Malcolm X to Barbara Jordan to Barack Obama. See how students of color joining debate teams in their communities use their voices for change. Watch it now:

Why Race Matters: MLK Day Special

For Martin Luther King Jr. Day, PBS Wisconsin presents two discussions from the “Why Race Matters” series exploring issues affecting Wisconsin’s Black communities. Producer and host Angela Fitzgerald talks to Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings about Critical Race Theory, followed by a conversation with artist Anwar-Floyd Pruitt around art & Black joy. Watch it now: