COVID-19 Resources for Kids and Families

COVID-19 Resources for Kids and Families

With all the news about COVID-19 – the coronavirus – it can be hard to know what to say to children and it can be difficult to know how to ease their concerns. Mister Rogers once said, “Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting and less scary.”

To help you ease your child’s anxieties and help them learn to handle scary situations, we have compiled these resources from PBS Kids and the Meet the Helpers project:

PBS Kids Resources

Learn how to get your and your child’s stress levels down during this hard time with this article from PBS Kids that includes resources and helpful tips:
Help ease your kid’s worries about the virus by reading this article from PBS Kids and following their helpful tips: pbs​.org/​parents/​thrive/​how-to-talk-to-your-kids​about-coronavirus.
This Curious George video can help your child understand what germs are and teach them how to protect themselves from them: pbs​kids​.org/​video/​curious​george/​23392​63578.
Sesame Street has a printable worksheet that can teach your child how to wash their hands properly – with a little help from Elmo: pbs​.org/​parents/​printables/​step-by-step-handwashing-with-elmo.

Meet the Helpers Resources

Meet the Helpers has provided a site dedicated with resources to help your child stay safe during this stressful time. See what steps they suggest you take when speaking to your child about the virus: meet​the​helpers​.org/​meet-the-helpers​coronavirus/?fbclid=IwAR​0ASX​dgJG4​QT3LYu​V96hv6​jNoh1​SE1OL​JICZC​KzzE-p​nj8XQ​gsod​kxqfw
Meet the Helpers is working to help keep families safe from the Coronavirus. Learn how kids can help and help them understand what it is here:
Doctor Carr’s job is to help you feel better when you are not feeling well or are sick. Learn more about what steps kids can take to help you be healthy: thinktv​.pbs​learning​media​.org/​resource/​meet-the-helpers-doctors​helpers-in-depth/​meet-the-helpers-doctors-helpers-in-depth/
Meet Josh, who is a paramedic. Find out how paramedics like Josh can help treat people who are having a medical emergency: thinktv​.pbs​learning​media​.org/​resource/​meet-the-helpers​paramedics-helpers-in-depth/meet-the-helpers-paramedics-helpers-in-depth/
911 operators coordinate with doctors and paramedics to help you get the care you need! Find out what tools Renee, a 911 operator, uses in order to get you the help you need in times of emergency: thinktv​.pbs​learning​media​.org/​resource/​meetthe-helpers-911-operators-helpers-in-depth/meet-the-helpers-911-operators​helpers-in-depth/

For more information on this virus and preventative measures you can take, visit CDC’s website:, and PBS’s Resource page for COVID-19: