The Dayton Arcade – Waking the Giant

Dayton Arcade - Waking the GiantT


Great victories are rarely swift. Several victories have been won in the fight to revitalize Dayton, however, The Dayton Arcade is poised to be the project that changes everything.

Dayton Arcade: Waking the Giant is an in-depth multi-dimensional three-part documentary that tracks the restoration of the Dayton Arcade, which had previously been closed for 30 years. The documentary is a story of history, finance, and urban revitalization that is set against the drama of an architectural metamorphosis. It details the story of the Arcades’ rehabilitation – documenting the critical phases of construction – but will also visit what the original builders had in mind and how the Arcade had affected people’s lives in the past.


Documentary Treatment

Interested in learning more about this upcoming project? Read the treatment here.

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December 14, 2018

Demolition work finally begins inside Dayton Arcade

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November 13, 2018

Dayton Arcade buildings in developer’s hands

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Fifth Third Bank

Friends of the Dayton Arcade

University of Dayton

Let’s Wake the Giant


Chicago Title
The Dayton Foundation
Freund, Freeze & Arnold

Carrie and John Haley

Levin Family Foundation
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Dayton Wheel Concepts, Inc.

Steve and Debbie Freeze

Mr and Mrs R H Grant III

Gary Gottschlich

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Johnson Wealth Management

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