DIY Clothespin Photo Collage

Creating a photo collage for your home doesn’t need to break the bank! Learn how to create a clothespin photo collage with items you can get at your local dollar store. 

Here’s What You’ll Need:
  • A wood plank
  • Clothespins
  • Adhesive dots or glue
  • Photos
  • Stickers of your choosing
  • Stencil with pre-written words
  • Two different acrylic paint colors
  • 1 large paintbrush
  • 1 small paintbrush
  • Command stips or another wall-friendly adhesive
  • Paper towels

Here’s the How-To:

Step One: Gather the photos you would like to use in the collage. 

Step Two: Put paper towels around where you are planning to paint. Then, put the wood plank on top of the paper towels. 

Step Three: Pour your first paint color choice into the paint palette. 

Step Four: Using a large brush, paint the wood palette with your first color of choice. (Be sure to get the plank’s edges!) 

Step Five: Let the paint dry for about twenty minutes. 

Step Six: After the paint dries, use the stencil to figure out where you would like to put your word of choice on your collage. Once you have chosen a spot for the word, pour some of your second color into your paint palette. Make sure it doesn’t blend with the first color you chose. 

Step Seven: Take a small paintbrush and paint over the stencil in the place you want the word to be. 

Step Eight: Use the adhesive dots or glue on one side of a clothespin and stick it on your collage. Then, add a few more clothespins! 

Step Nine: Now it’s time to decorate! Place the stickers you bought in empty spots around the clothespins. Be sure to stick them in places they will be visible once the photos are added in! 

Step 10: Add your photos to the collage! Open up the top of the clothespin that’s glued to the wooden plank and put your photos in. 

Step 11: Flip the wooden plank over and add command strips or a wall-friendly adhesive. 

Step 12: Hang up your photo collage and relive the memories captured in the photos.