Early Learning Workshops

Our Mission is to empower and engage child care providers by providing top-notch training with hands-on activities and developmentally appropriate resources to better the lives of children and families in our area. Providers will have the materials and ideas to put into practice current child development theories. Handouts include picture books, resource books, and educational materials. Please register on www.occrra.org. Schedule is subject to change. Questions? Call Debi Thevenin 937-220-1708, dthevenin@thintv.org or Tina Spaulding at 937-220-1670, tspaulding@thinktv.org

Encouraging Language Development in Infants and Toddlers
2 hours

Use the environment as well as activities to encourage language development in the very youngest children. Use specific activities to include parents in the learning and teaching of language. This includes story books for your library.

Fostering Friendships
2 hours

Successful friendships in early childhood contribute to a child’s long-term quality of life. Explore a variety of strategies that will foster critical friendship skills in young children.

Playing to Learn!
2 hours

Play is critical to the development of young children. Describe how children learn through play and explore a variety of strategies that will support children’s playful learning experiences.

Terrific Transition Tips for Preschoolers
2 hours

Daily routines and transitions can be very challenging. Explore several strategies for making transitions time with young children easier and more successful.

Writing Fun, Right Now for Preschoolers
2 hours

Examine different stages of writing development in young children and practice a variety of engaging instructional strategies that support preschoolers’ emergent writing skills.

Workshop Schedule

There are currently no workshops scheduled. Check back soon.


We conduct station tours Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm.  If you would like to set up a station tour or request a special tour date or time please call (937) 220-1708 or email: dthevenin@thinktv.org.

Our community workshops help parents, educators and child care providers extend the learning value of our educational program offerings. Click here for a complete list of community workshops. For more information or to register for a workshop call Tina Spaulding (937-220-1670) or email at: tspaulding@thinktv.org.

ThinkTV‘s Ready to Learn service is designed to help young children become effective learners. Use “View, Read, Do” to extend your child’s television learning.