Space Adventures

Science Saturdays

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing!

Space Adventures is a collection of games, videos and activities so kids can learn about astronomy, technology, the scientific method, and earth science, in entertaining and engaging ways.

Daniel's Teeth Brushing Song

READY, JET, GO is a collection of games, videos, and activities to explore outer space with Jet and his crew.

Brush Those Teeth Game

Peg+Cat will help foster the skill of counting on pattern and sequence with Peg and friends on the Purple Planet.

The Brush Brushy Brush song with Elmo

Cyberchase teaches how math can help solve life’s wacky problems in space and in the real world with Space Waste Odyssey

Sid the Science Kid

Explore space with the Cat in the Hat and Robot Dog Rover as they travel to the moon and planets.

The Captain On Brushing

Martha takes you on a space ship journey to learn vocabulary words that have to do with space as you explore the solar system.

Visiting the Dentist

Parents, find articles, games, videos, party ideas, hands-on activities and more to help your little astronauts engage in educational space fun!

Did you hear what happened to the tooth?

PBS brings you the universe all summer long with shows celebrating space exploration and our solar system.