Five Reasons to Love to Your Local Cincinnati and Dayton PBS Stations!

Five Reasons to Love to Your Local Cincinnati and Dayton PBS Stations!

There are many reasons to love and support your local PBS station – from how we support local families to the work we do with educators; from our local, award-winning programs to our national documentaries and Masterpiece dramas. Whether you support us through your membership or your viewership, we appreciate you.

We support families

As your local PBS station, we support kids and parents by providing high-quality, safe, ad-free content. Whether you watch on our PBS Kids channels, the PBS Kids app and during our daytime broadcast programming, the programs we offer through PBS Kids are proven to help children learn.

During this challenging time, we are also supporting families through our At Home Learning schedule (ending in mid-June), our Learning @ Home emails and by sharing content from PBS Kids, PBS Parents and even family-friendly activities from PBS Food.

We support educators

We offer workshops and professional development opportunities for teachers through SOITA, CET and ThinkTV. We also provide educators (and parents) with lesson plans and accompanying materials, both locally and nationally, through PBS LearningMedia. 

During the COVID-19 Crisis, while our in-person workshops were cancelled, SOITA and our stations continued to support educators by helping them get set up on Google Classroom, find online lesson plans, get educational resources to students and more. We also ramped up the frequency of our emails to educators to make sure they had the most recent information and resources.

We create high-quality local content

From our Emmy Award-winning local arts shows – The Art Show and SHOWCASE with Barbara Kellar – to our documentaries on topics like Cincinnati’s Music Hall, the Dayton Arcade and the Memphis Belle, we are here to bring you high-quality content. While some of our production timelines have been pushed back because of the Stay at Home Orders, we used that time to produce digital series like Art in Isolation and a featurette series from Traditions: Ohio Heritage Fellows. We are looking forward to bringing you more new content soon!

We provide access for all

As local PBS stations, we are available to everyone. While membership donations make up the largest part of our funding, you do not have to be a member to enjoy our programs and services. We are accessible to anyone with a television through our over-the-air broadcast.

Outside of our on-air programming, you can stream your favorite programs on the PBS Video App, explore the content on our websites, stay in touch with us on social media and more. 

We are a trusted community partner. 

As PBS celebrates its 50th anniversary, it has once again been named America’s most trusted institution in a nationwide survey. For the 17th consecutive year, Americans find PBS as more trustworthy than government institutions and media sources such as digital platforms, commercial broadcast and cable television, newspapers and social media.

The survey results highlight PBS’ impact and value, with 73 percent of respondents feeling that local PBS stations provide excellent value to communities. When asked about value for tax dollars, PBS ranks only behind our nation’s military defense, with 67 percent finding PBS and member stations to be an excellent value for tax dollars. In a news climate overcome by the concern over misinformation, the survey finds that PBS has the highest level of increased trust among viewers. Learn more.