Four Easy-to-Make Winter Treats for the Entire Family

Four Easy-to-Make Winter Treats for the Entire Family

With the holidays just around the corner, we wanted to share some easy treats you can enjoy with your friends and family! Here our four wintertime favorites from our Hobby Hunting and The Baking Journal series:

  1. Holiday Mocktails from Hobby Hunting

Guests of all ages will love these merry little mocktails this holiday season! Try out this wonderful variety of non-alcoholic spirits:

2. Hot Chocolate Bombs from Hobby Hunting

Don’t settle for just any hot chocolate this season. Try out these Hot Chocolate Bombs to bring an explosion of flavor to your next cup of hot cocoa!

3. Chocolate Brownie Cookies from The Baking Journal

In this episode of our digital series The Baking Journal, Stephanie bakes ooey gooey chocolate brownie cookies! These sweet treats have delicious chocolatey flavor with a little bit of crispiness on the edge and are easy to make. View the recipe:

4. Fondue from Hobby Hunting

While this recipe was originally designed to be made for two, you can easily double or even triple the ingredients to make a sweet treat for your friends and family! Check it out: