Hobby Hunting Summertime Fun!

Hobby Hunting Summertime Fun!

 As we get into the dog days of summer, our Emmy-nominated Hobby Hunting is here to help! We’ve added some fun summertime activities to help you find fun, family-friendly activities to do this season! Explore the curated collection below:

Easy Decorative Soap

Make washing your hands more fun – and beautiful – with these easy decorative soaps: https://www.cetconnect.org/easy-decorative-soap/.

Light Up the Night Pool Luminaries

The fun doesn’t have to stop after the sun goes down! Learn how to make these beautiful and easy pool luminaries: https://thinktv.org/diy-pool-luminaries/.

DIY Organic Popsicles

These popsicles are just as tasty as they are healthy! Treat yourself or your kids to these organic popsicles to chill out on a hot summer day: https://www.thinktv.org/diy-organic-popsicles/!

4 Easy At-Home Workouts

Too hot outside to go to the gym or go for a walk? Check out four different workouts you can do right from the comfort of your home: https://www.thinktv.org/4-easy-at-home-workouts/.

Cinco De Mayo Mocktails

Take a refreshing sip of one of these mocktails this summer while laying out in the sun or by the pool. You won’t even miss the alcohol and you can share them with the family: https://www.thinktv.org/cinco-de-mayo-mocktails/.

Chalk Games

Learn how to up your chalk game in this “Hobby Hunting” video: https://www.thinktv.org/chalk-games/.

Family Friendly Rock Painting

Rocks can be painted anytime of the year and you can make them into whatever you want to! See what materials you’ll need and find rock painting inspo: https://www.thinktv.org/family-friendly-rock-painting/.

Earth Day Slime

Just because it’s called Earth Day Slime doesn’t mean it can only be made on Earth Day! Make this gooey slime with your kids this summer and prepare to get messy: https://www.thinktv.org/earth-day-slime/.

How to Birdwatch from Your Backyard

Bird watching is a long-beloved pastime and you don’t need a set of fancy binoculars or a 1,000-page bird book to enjoy this hobby! In this video from our “Our Ohio” series, we show you how to birdwatch. Explore the entire Hobby Hunting collection at https://www.thinktv.org/hobbyhunting/.