Last-Minute Recipes for Valentine’s Day

Last-Minute Recipes for Valentine’s Day

Wait too long for a reservation at your favorite restaurant? Over the crowds and overpriced dinners anyway? We’re all for celebrating with a date-night with some of our favorite recipes. So trade in that little black dress for your softest pajama pants and check these out:

Bread Art Focaccia: If you want that romantic “cooking together” feeling, you have to try this recipe. It’s tasty and ridiculously fun to design, especially with your special someone:

Couples Charcuterie: Looking for something you can enjoy with cocktails and the latest episode of All Creatures Great and Small? Our Couples Charcuterie is easy to customize with all your favorite foods. Want to include that Midwest cheese ball? We won’t judge:

Ricotta Pancakes: We love brinner as much as anyone, but this swanky (and surprisingly easy) recipe from The Baking Journal takes pancakes from flapjacks to fantastic:

Turkey Pot Pie: This might not be our most romantic recipe, but these turkey pot pies are surprisingly adorable and unsurprisingly delicious:

Fondue: We have two great fondue recipes in our Hobby Hunting Couples Edition collection – a class date-night cheese fondue ( and a chocolate recipe that doesn’t require a fondue pot ( We absolutely love them both, but the fun of fondue is what really draws us to these.

Strawberry Champagne Vanilla Cupcakes: If you absolutely need something red or pink on your menu for Valentine’s Day, this recipe rises to the occasion – and gives you another reason to pop the bubbly:

Red Velvet Truffles: You’ll want to make these ahead of time so they have time to set, but if you’re running late on a gift or want a romantic dessert for the holiday, our Red Velvet Truffles are delightful and super cute: And, if you’re flying solo this Valentine’s Day, these pair perfectly with a great Masterpiece murder mystery – we’re looking at you Miss Scarlet & The Duke.