Letter from the Executive Producer

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Brick by Brick

Greetings, Neighbor –

Welcome to Brick by Brick: Solutions for a Thriving Community, a new multi-platform initiative from your local PBS-member stations CET in Cincinnati and ThinkTV in Dayton. 

As we all share concerns around such issues as housing, economic performance, public health, transportation, education, crime, or all the above, it’s only natural that we all want to see   effective responses.  Through Brick by Brick, that is where we intend to focus our attention: on solutions.

We’re doing this for a few reasons. First, it’s because solutions are often left out of the story when traditional news media cover problems. Second, headlines often fade quickly. We hope our commitment to consistent coverage around certain issues – as well as the solutions – will help our neighbors by bringing them to the table, and offering ways in which they can engage.

In our first year of this effort, our team of journalists will be focused intently on the solutions and responses to the ongoing housing crisis, which is impacting availability and affordability of housing across income levels. This is a natural place for us to start this solutions-driven effort because housing, and where we live, is the foundation for everything else in our lives.

At its core, solutions journalism is “rigorous and compelling reporting on responses to social issues.” The Solutions Journalism Network – trying to expand its practice in newsrooms – also calls it “hope with teeth.” That’s because when investigative journalism focuses on what’s working (or has potential), it can help improve public discourse around an issue. By holding up each solution, examining it, and sharing its successes, failures, and limitations, we can all learn from it and move forward in the direction where we see the most impact.

However, it’s important to recognize whether it’s affordable housing, public health, economic growth, or environmental sustainability, there are no silver bullets – or one-and-done solutions – to the challenges that we are experiencing. It will take many solutions, working together to meaningfully respond to these concerns. That’s why our project is called Brick by Brick; we will have to rebuild together, one step at a time.

We hope you will come with us on this journey to learn, engage, and collectively build a brighter, more equitable future for the places we call home.


Mark Lammers
Executive Producer

Mark Lammers – Executive Producer

Mark is an award-winning storyteller, producer, and a native-Cincinnatian. As a fresh Ohio University graduate, he jumped into producing broadcast news with CBS affiliate KKTV in Colorado Springs, CO. Gaining insight over a half-decade, Mark then pivoted to production management, helping Amazon Studios produce and launch its first line of original streaming series in Los Angeles. From there, Mark and his wife Sheena (a fellow Cincinnatian) returned to the Queen City to start a family and serve as executive producer and director of local content for Public Media Connect, CET and ThinkTV. Since joining the team, he’s earned numerous regional Emmy awards. Mark hopes this effort – to highlight solutions while contextualizing our social problems – will empower more of our neighbors to engage with each other to create a better future for us all.