Learning Together About Abilities


For more than 50 years, PBS has strived to be as accessible as possible to a broad audience, and they have paid particular attention to including children with a variety of disabilities. We are very committed to being representative and accessible to as wide an audience as possible. That includes children with disabilities. We want kids to feel like they can see themselves in our shows and that they can play unfettered with our digital content in a way that allows them to learn and grow. Here are some resources to help!

Sesame Street and Austism: See Amazing in All Children

See Amazing in All Children offers families ways to manage common challenges, to simplify everyday activites, and to grow connection and support from family, friends, and community.

Arthur: When Carl Met George

Arthur introduces Carl, a boy with special needs, who becomes friends with the lead character

Dinosaur Train: The Beelzebufo Cometh / Dennis Comes to Visit

Dinosaur Train friends visit with Dennis, who is a dinosaur with special needs.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Friends are Different and the Same

Skin color, hair, glasses, braces, even a tail–Daniel and his friends are different in many ways, but there are many ways that they are the same.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel’s New Friend Max / A New Friend at the Clock Factory

In this episode Daniel meets a new friend, Max, who is autistic. Daniel learns what he can do when Max needs more time to get comfortable and more space to play in his own way.

PBS Kids: Xavier Riddle and The Secret Museum

Xavier Riddle and The Secret Museum: Temple Grandin

Xavier Riddle meets Temple Grandin and learns about acceptance when some people do things differently.

PBS Kids: Hero Elementary

Hero Elementary

AJ Gadgets is a super hero that just happens to be autistic.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: A visit with a boy in a wheelchair

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: A Visit with a Boy in a Wheelchair

One of the most talked about episodes of the Neighborhood series is this one when Jeff Erlanger, a young boy who uses an electric wheelchair, visits Mister Rogers. Together they talk openly and honestly about his disability and sing ” It’s You I Like.”

Full-Time Kid: Sign Language Alphabet

Full-Time Kid: Sign Language Alphabet

Sign language is a great skill to learn, and we’re here to teach you all the basics. Signing the alphabet is really simple, but with practice, it’ll let you sign anything!

Digital Learning Games

Digital Learning Games

Supporting Your Child With Disabilities With Digital Learning Games.



Ohio’s System of Support for People with Disabilities and Their Families.

Teach your Children about the Americans with Disabilities Act

Americans with Disabilities Act

Teaching Kids about the ADA and resources.