National Coffee Day 2023

National Coffee Day 2023

We’re celebrating the world of coffee in honor of National Coffee Day! Look, we’re a TV station. We live and breathe coffee here. We can prove it, too. Here are some testimonials from our staff about how much they love coffee:

Lillian Derkson, Manager of Donor Relations:

I like my coffee black, sometimes with a butterscotch or peppermint disc in it.

Favorite coffee place: my kitchen.

How often do I drink coffee: every day except Saturday.

Barbara Rininger, Grant Writer:

Mmmm, coffee. Like all of those who love coffee, I think about it a lot, I try methods and gadgetry , only the French press makes the cut. Aero press is pretty good, too, every so often.

I only have one a day, so I want it GOOD and STRONG. I go to Roebling Coffee and Books in Covington and Lola’s on 3rd, both are on the way to work. I’ll either get a cold brew with a shot plus a little half and vanilla OR a Shirley Jackson (cortado or cappuccino with brown sugar and cinnamon).

I wish I could drink it all day. Everyday. Forever.

Brynn DeLange, Producer:

When I lived closer to downtown, I loved going to Wholly Grounds. I normally get black coffee, but they always had interesting sounding drinks, although I have not tried any. They also had a variety of teas. The atmosphere was what I really enjoyed. It would be a great spot to work remotely too.

Kellie May, Director of Communications & Digital Strategies:

Starbucks: Dirty Iced Chai with Vanilla.

Dunkin: Iced Coffee with cream and vanilla bean Coolatta flavoring (none of that French Vanilla!)

Biggby: Iced Starry Skies with no whipped cream or drizzle.

Yeah, we’re all about coffee. So, while we sit back and sip on ours, why don’t you pour yourself a fresh cup? We’ll even entertain you with these clips and episodes about our favorite cup of happiness:

Hobby Hunting: At-Home Coffee Station

Always have to have your coffee fix? Make your kitchen beautiful and your mornings easier by setting up a coffee station! Watch this video for inspiration.

Our Shared Table: Bigger than a Coffee Shop, Part 1

Darnesha Weary and her husband Erwin opened Black Coffee NW in the predominantly white neighborhood of Shoreline to create a space for coffee and conversation. Part 2 is also available.

QED with Dr. B. – Coffee: From Farm to Cup

Experts reveal the science behind every step of coffee production, from farm to cup. Discover genetic sequencing to optimize coffee plants, chemical engineering to brew the perfect cup, and the pursuit of sustainable practices throughout the process.

Oh, and before we let you go, it’s only fair to point out that not EVERYONE here drinks coffee. Here’s a little story from our School Readiness Coordinator Nikhita Bhatia:

“I’m not a big on coffee, but I have a sweet memory related to it:

When I first came to CET for my interview, my husband dropped me at CET building and went to Coffee Emporium to wait for me. I was very happy with my interview and got really positive vibes when I met folks for the first time there.

After the interview, I joined my husband at coffee emporium and enjoyed the coffee there.  Fortunately, I also got the job. So, Coffee Emporium holds a special place in my heart.

Every time I go there, I think of the day I interviewed at CET.”