Nursery Organization

Start off on the right foot by having your nursery organized before baby’s arrival! Learn how to use fabric storage dividers to organize your nursery in this episode of “Parent Hacks.”

What You’ll Need:
  • Fabric Storage Bins
  • Baby Clothes and Essentials
  • Dresser
  • Basket
  1. Organize the clothes by size and then fold them and place inside storage bins accordingly. Place into your dresser drawers for easy access.
  2. Use smaller storage dividers for essentials like socks, hats, swaddles, etc. to keep everything neat and easy to find.
  3. Use a small basket for storing diaper-changing essentials like diapers, wipes, extra pacifiers, and diaper rash creams. You can place extra diapers and wipes in the top drawer of the dresser for easy access when you run out.