Paint Your Pet

This video from the “Hobby Hunting” series will teach you how to paint your pet stroke by stroke! All that’s needed is paint, brushes and a cute picture of your fur-end!

  • A photo of your pet
  • Paint brush
  • A few paint colors

How To Paint Your Pet:

  1. Print off a picture of your pet – a full page image printed in black and white works best.
  2. Outline your pet’s features with a dark color. You can use a dark paint or a marker for this.
  3. Fill in the shadows with darker hues such as blues or purples, and make sure to move your brush in the direction of your pet’s fur.
  4. Begin filling in the other areas of your pet, working your way to the highlight areas, using lighter and brighter colors with each step.
  5. Touch up the nose, eyes, and mouth of your pet.
  6. Throw in a few black and white outlines for definition, and let it dry!
  7. Fill in the background with whatever color you would like. Darker colors will make your pet stand out!
  8. Add your final touch-ups, and you are finished! Make sure to show your art to your furry friend to get their approval.