Poldark Season 5 Premieres on September 29th!

Poldark Season 5 Premieres on September 29th!

Poldark Season 5 Premieres on September 29th!

Aiden Turner is back for one final season as Ross Poldark, starting with the premiere of Season 5 at 9pm on Sunday, September 29, on ThinkTV16 and CET. Although we’re sad to see this show come to a close – especially when there are so many books in the series – we are excited about what the new season has in store.

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In the finale of Season 4, Elizabeth drank a labor-inducing potion to deliver her daughter, Ursula. Although the early birth convinced George of Valentine’s parentage, Elizabeth died from the side effects of the potion. Although the finale was marked with tragedy, it was also full of hope as Drake and Morewenna were married and Caroline told Dwight that she was ready to try for another child.

As the new season kicks off – in the wake of Elizabeth’s death – Ross and Demelza are committed to living a simpler life that’s focused on family and friends. But of course the simple life doesn’t make a riveting drama, so Ross’ attention turns to London when he hears that an old friend is in trouble. With Ross in London, Demelza is in charge at Nampara and the mine – and finds herself dealing with an ambitious young housemaid.

Even in his grief George finds himself meeting with a smarmy trader Ralph Hanson, who built his business using the manpower of enslaved people. As for the Carnes and the Enyses, both couples have wounds to heal and whether or not the future will bring them happiness remains to be seen.

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