Questions (and Answers) with Jim Wiener

Questions (and Answers) with Jim Wiener

Our Chief Programming Officer, Jim Wiener just retired at the end of June. As we wave him off into the sunset, we wanted to share one last Question and Answer session. We know these are always a hit and we’ll certainly miss Jim’s snark and wit!

Hi Jim, I just read that there is a second season of Professor T., the British series. Will CET carry it? I loved the first season. ~Cathy E.,

Season 2 of Professor T will start September 3 at 8pm on CET and ThinkTV16. It will also show up on Passport the same day.

As background, this mystery series originated in Belgium and ran for three seasons over 2015-2018. Adaptations sprang up in Germany, France, Czechoslovakia and Britain, so maybe it’s more than just Americans who don’t care for reading subtitles while listening to a foreign language.

Here are the Professor T’s with the character’s name, his college and jurisdiction, (the actor in parenthesis), and the series airdates…

Jasper Teerlinck, U. Antwerp, Belgium, (Koen De Bouw), 2015- 2018

Jasper Thalheim, U. Cologne, Germany (Matthias Matschke), 2017-2020

Jasper Tempest, U. Cambridge, Britian (Ben Miller) 2021-2023

Jachym Tauber, U. Prague, Czechoslovakia (Pavel Rezenicek), Unsure

Julien Tardieu, Nantes, France, (Matheiu Bisson), 2016

The UK’s Ben Miller is certainly known here in the states (Death In Paradise, Bridgerton, Johnny English).

Other crime procedurals involving detectives with various disorders have come out of Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Spain and Sweden, including Astrid, which aired on CET last January and February and premiere on August 15 at 2:30pm on ThinkTV16.

-Jim Wiener

Channel 14, I’m missing you! Recently here at Maple Knoll Communities in Springdale, we received new SPECTRUM cable boxes and remotes and so far I haven’t managed to locate ThinkTV14 HD (14.1) or ThinkTV14 Prime (14.2) channels. I have found one CET HD channel and one ThinkTV16 channel and one KET channel. Would you happen to know what numbers your channels might be on Spectrum basic cable? ~Kathryn W., Springdale

Kathryn, I believe Springdale goes by the Cincinnati lineup with Spectrum which would be…

14HD on Spectrum channel 1014

14 Prime on Spectrum 983

14 Kids on Spectrum 984

14 World on Spectrum 985.

-Travis Fultz, Chief Engineer (welcome Travis!)

Just watched your presentation about China’s pandas (Nature: Pandas – Born to Be Wild on May 31). I want to take the baby and hold it in my arms and give it a bottle of his mommy’s milk! What a delightful hour I spent with one of my favorite shows! And now I’m watching NOVA: Why Ships Crash!

I’ve written to you before. I am a 103-year-old lady with my mind as clear as a bell (thank God!), so your programs give me such joy and appreciation since I cannot l leave my den, where I live all the time. I have very bad arthritis and use my walker to do any walking that’s necessary.

Just for a bit of additional information about me, I write memoirs and have written 30 or more during winter and fall. Thank you for being such a good programmer and with great taste! ~Bertha M., Beavercreek

Bertha, arthritis is no day at the beach, but when your mind is clear, count your blessings. Your curiosity and enthusiasm for life is an inspiration for many of us. And even when you can’t get out and around, just let public TV be your window into the outside world.

As for that panda, well, it would have to be REALLY small for me to feed it from the bottle. Any bigger, then I’m only going in with a taser for backup.

You should know that, according to Logan Brown, a contributor to the Huffington Post, the only place in the world where one is actually allowed to hold a baby panda is at the Dujiangyan Panda Base and Center for Disease Control, a two-hour drive outside of Chengdu, China. And the base charges “about $350 to cuddle a baby panda for about 60 seconds. It is worth every penny.”

Oookay, well, just tell yourself that your money helps with conservation efforts, and that the Panda Base has quite a nice racket going with the cub’s cut being only a couple of measly bamboo shoots.

And thank you for the compliment. I may seek you out as a character witness for those who contend my taste is questionable. As a programming colleague once said “I watch the bad stuff so that you don’t have to!”


Just wanted to let you know that I sure enjoyed the classic movies you were showing for several weeks. I hope you might bring them back at some time. ~Enoch C., College Hill

Movies are a mainstay on ThinkTV14, but like so many prime time shows, they’re periodically pre-empted for our four membership drives each year. Understand that we seek new and renewing members in these drives. It’s one thing when we pay one huge check each year to PBS for all of its series like Antiques Roadshow, Nature, NOVA, PBS NewsHour, Finding Your Roots, etc. But it’s another thing when members can help pay for acquisitions to supplement PBS, series like Death In Paradise, Foyle’s War, new seasons of Doc Martin (starting September 12!), and 14’s movie package.

So here’s what movies you’ll get in the near future…

August 5: Hoosiers                          

One of the 10 best sports movies of all time. With Gene Hackman, Barbara Hershey and Dennis Hopper.

August 26: The Big Country         

Gregory Peck gets caught in the middle of a water dispute between ranchers (Burl Ives, Charles Bickford). Worth it just for Charlton Heston as a tough guy ranch hand, a precursor of Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone.

August 29: Love & Mercy                             

The Beach Boys Brian Wilson has a breakdown while composing his masterpiece album, “Pet Sounds.” With John Cusack, Paul Dano and Paul Giamatti.

September 2: Stanley & Iris

A widow (Jane Fonda) falls for an illiterate cook (Robert DeNiro) and teaches him to read and write.

September 9: The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming

Comedy as Russian sub runs aground off New England coast, and locals panic, thinking it’s an invasion! Alan Arkin is hilarious as the sub commander. With Carl Reiner, Eva Marie Saint, and Dayton’s own Jonathan Winters.

September 16: The Apartment

Billy Wilder’s classic comedy/drama with young staffer climbing the corporate ladder by loaning out his pad to executives for their trysts. With Shirley MacLaine and Fred MacMurray.

September 23: In The Heat Of The Night

Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger butt heads trying to solve a small town murder in the south. “They call meee MISTER TIBBS!”

September 30: The Red Violin   

A red colored violin goes up for Auction and we learn its history over centuries, inspiring passion in all its owners. International cast includes Samuel Jackson and Gretta Scacchi. By the way, the violin and its owner were featured on SHOWCASE with Barbara Kellar back in 2020: