Redlining: Mapping Inequality in Dayton & Springfield


Redlining: Mapping Inequality in Dayton and Springfield tells the national and local story of redlining, a practice which embedded racial segregation and inequality into the development of American cities and suburbs. Redlining maps, introduced in the 1930’s, delineated risk areas for federally backed mortgages and  home-ownership programs. Risk was determined almost entirely by race. Neighborhoods where no loans would be made were outlined in red, or literally “redlined.”

This one-hour documentary, produced by Richard Wonderling with Associate Producer Selena Burks-Rentschler, tells the story of local families who were impacted by redlining, and the lasting effects of this federal policy on our region. It also makes some surprising discoveries about the roots of redlining that trace back to our region, and some larger-than-life personalities who have been all but forgotten.


Thursday February 24, at 9pm on ThinkTV16

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