Episodes & Show Notes

  • Abstract Artist & Journalist Ron Rollins
    In this episode, host Rodney Veal talks to Ron Rollins, an abstract artists and retired editor/writer for Dayton Daily News, about his background in the world of journalism and how a chance happening brought him and his wife to Dayton.
  • Visual Artist Amy Deal
    In this episode, host Rodney Veal talks to visual artist Amy Deal about her rural upbringing, how her family supported her passion for the arts, her relocation to downtown Dayton and how the pandemic helped her evolve her work and try new things.
  • Filmmaker Jonathan McNeal of The Neon
    In this episode, host Rodney Veals talks to filmmaker, philanthropist and general manager of The Neon, Jonathan McNeal about his passion for film, ways The Neon helps promote and grow independent films, how the pandemic has impacted the industry and what’s next for film.
  • Dancer and Choreographer Countess V. Winfrey
    In this episode, host Rodney Veal talks to choreographer and dancer Countess V. Winfrey about her origins in dance, growing up loving art, working with family, and the importance of seeing and feeling representation in the world of dance.