Share Your Vision With Us!

A horizontal rectangular image, featuring a background that looks like a city planning map; in the center is a blue and green circle with arrows indicating a feedback loop of communication. The font reads: We want your feedback; share your vision"
Share your experiences and feelings regarding housing or development solutions in your community.

“Solutions for a thriving community.”  

It’s the sub-title to this Brick by Brick initiative because we feel that the strongest solutions are ones that will enable our neighbors, and collectively our communities, to prosper. 

But what makes a community thrive, and what does a thriving community look like are questions that will have different answers and meanings depending on who you ask.  

Our lives and outlooks are shaped by many factors, which is why we will be creating audience engagement questions and opportunities as we go forward on Brick by Brick

To kick things off, the first audience question is: “What does a thriving community look like to you?” You can answer it by filling out and submitting this FORM.   

Do you picture a busy neighborhood business district? More green space like parks or community gardens? Maybe you think we need more affordable housing, more markets, safer sidewalks, or a better connection to mass transit. Whatever it may be, big or small, we hope you will share your thoughts with us to help inform our coverage, offer insight from your lived experience, or to further support a solution that may already be underway.  

Another way to think about this one is, “If you could change one or two things in your own neighborhood to improve it, what would those be, and why?”   

We want our journey into the solutions to be inclusive of the many perspectives that naturally make up our neighborhoods throughout Southwest Ohio. These audience question opportunities will be a part of our effort, with more occasions to engage being announced as we progress.  

We’ll be sharing some of the answers we receive in future podcast episodes and web articles, as well as using them to inform our solutions stories. 

We hope you’ll take part and add your perspective.  

Mark Lammers – Executive Producer

Mark is an award-winning storyteller, producer, and a native-Cincinnatian. As a fresh Ohio University graduate, he jumped into producing broadcast news with CBS affiliate KKTV in Colorado Springs, CO. Gaining insight over a half-decade, Mark then pivoted to production management, helping Amazon Studios produce and launch its first line of original streaming series in Los Angeles. From there, Mark and his wife Sheena (a fellow Cincinnatian) returned to the Queen City to start a family and serve as executive producer and director of local content for Public Media Connect, CET and ThinkTV. Since joining the team, he’s earned numerous regional Emmy awards. Mark hopes this effort – to highlight solutions while contextualizing our social problems – will empower more of our neighbors to engage with each other to create a better future for us all.