Stream “The Career Path Less Taken” and Share it with Your Community

Stream “The Career Path Less Taken” and Share it with Your Community

The Career Path Less Taken, our 30-minute documentary that explores the many pathways to career success, premiered earlier this month and is now available to stream online on our website, on YouTube, on Facebook and on the PBS Video App.

Against the backdrop of Ohio’s looming skills gap, The Career Path Less Taken travels across the state to innovative career-tech education programs (CTE) that are preparing young people for the jobs of tomorrow. The Career Path Less Taken challenges traditional notions of success by demonstrating that there are many pathways to skilled jobs – and that a four-year college degree is not always necessary.

The Career Path Less Taken was co-produced by Ohio’s public television stations – CET, ideastream and WOSU Public Media – as a part of American Graduate: Getting to Work. The three stations have partnered to produce content focused on the changing workplace and the educational pathways to skilled jobs.

We have also created a free Screening Toolkit for local organizations, schools, community groups, workforce advocates and individuals who are interested in having a screening and discussion around The Career Path Less Taken. With a simple step-by-step guide, including easy to use chapters, discussion prompts and marketing materials, you can engage your staff, students and neighbors around this important issue. Download the toolkit and editable flyer online at or

In addition to The Career Path Less Taken, we have produced companion videos for parents, students and educators. Those videos are available online at or

To learn more about The Career Path Taken or any part of our American Graduate: Getting to Work project, visit or