Sustainer Membership

Supporting ThinkTV could not be any easier!

Become a ThinkTV Sustainer Member by making ongoing monthly gifts through automatic credit/debit card deductions in the amount as little as $5/month.

By choosing to have a Sustaining Membership, you provide ThinkTV with the continuing support needed to continue airing your favorite programs, as well as ensuring that new programs and services are made available to our community.

Why Become a Sustaining Member?

  • Your membership never expires. Monthly memberships are perpetual and don’t require us to send you any renewal reminders!
  • Convenient! No need to receive installment invoices from us or to remember when to mail a check.
  • A
    regulated stream of income and no postage fees allows us to put funds
    to what really matters to you – the programs and educational services
    ThinkTV provides to our community
  • Go Green! Do your part to help save the environment – no more renewal solicitations means less wasted paper!

Becoming a Sustainer Member allows you the convenience of regular membership payments, selected by you in addition to automatic renewals. Membership renewal reminders will not be sent to you, but rather a statement will be sent when we renew your membership so that you can update your pledge amount or method of payment for a coming year.

Become a Sustainer