The Bearded Lady Project


The Bearded Lady Project started as a joke. The statement “maybe if I just put a beard on my face” was said as a simple, off-the-cuff remark between good friends – one a filmmaker and one a paleontologist – while discussing the challenges of being women in their respective industries. But could simply putting on a beard really change how women were treated in male-dominated industries? In her new film, The Bearded Lady Project: Challenging the Face of Science, Cincinnati filmmaker Lexi Jamieson Marsh explores a weird and wild concept for challenging gender stereotypes.

“It takes a filmmaker to fight for a paleontologist. It takes a paleontologist to risk everything in support of a filmmaker. This project is stronger because of the variety of voices – it is interdisciplinary collaboration at its finest. I hope that through this project, you take away the lesson that I have learned; each individual has the power to connect, to challenge, to advocate, to tell each other that we are inspiring,” Marsh said.

The Bearded Lady Project: Challenging the Face of Science’s mission is twofold.  First, to celebrate the inspirational and adventurous women who choose to dedicate their lives in the search of clues to the history of life on earth. And second, to educate the public on the inequities and prejudices that exist in the field of science, with special emphasis on the geosciences.


Monday, April 12, at 10pm on ThinkTV14
Wednesday, April 14, at 11pm on ThinkTV16
Sunday, April 18, at 2pm on ThinkTV16

Lexi Jamieson Marsh

Lexi Jamieson Marsh is the founder and director of On Your Feet Entertainment and is the director and mastermind behind The Bearded Lady Project. Lexi’s creative foundation was developed on the stage working with live theatre. Her educational background includes University of Toronto’s University College Drama Program (BA), Miami University Department of Theatre (MA), and New York Film Academy (DP). Lexi works primarily out of Cincinnati, Ohio, where she is a member of the Cincinnati Film Commission, Women in Film Cincinnati and Pollen Productions theatre company.