The Art Show – Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1

Delora Buford-Buchanan and Jacobee Rose Buchanan

Dayton’s mother and daughter artist team, Delora Buford-Buchanan and Jacobee Rose Buchanan.

Greg Shochko

Mechanical sculptor with an ecological conscience Greg Shochko.

Wiley Robertson

Mural artist Wiley Robertson, who keeps love in the air throughout the year.

Season 4, Episode 2

The HardTackers

The HardTackers, who make shanty songs come alive.

Eddie Adams

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Eddie Adams.

Regina Carter

Jazz violinist Regina Carter.

Shmaltz Brewing Company

The art of craft brewing at Shmaltz Brewing Company.

Season 4, Episode 3

Amy Deal

Award-winning graphic design and visual communications artist Amy Deal.

Laura Watilo Blake

Humanitarian photojournalist Laura Watilo Blake.

Robert Butler

Landscape painter Robert Butler.

Andrew Spear


Mural artist Andrew Spear.

Season 4, Episode 4

Tom Watson

Tom Watson, an artist whose work reflects on his stroke and recovery.

SITI Company in New York and a visual artist Ann Hamilton

A partnership between the SITI Company in New York and a visual artist Ann Hamilton.

Pete Molick

Architectural artist Pete Molick and his use of drones.

Pamela Glose

Florida silk painter Pamela Glose.

Season 4, Episode 5

Kyle and Kelly Phelps

Identical twin collaborative artists Kyle and Kelly Phelps’ work encompasses the creation of traditional ceramic, sculpture, and mixed media art.

Rubi Girls

The Rubi Girls and their fundraising work.

Wallace Coleman

Baker turned blues artist Wallace Coleman.

Season 4, Episode 6

John Engelhardt

University of Dayton graduate, John Engelhardt, captures powerful images of horses and their caregivers

Weichih Rosa Lee


Ohio Heritage Fellow, Weichih Rosa Lee, gives a glimpse of her journey to becoming a musician and educator.

Amir Taghi

Teenager, Amir Taghi, shines on the catwalk.

Florida chalk artists take to the streets

Florida chalk artists take to the streets.

Season 4, Episode 7

Khalid Moss

Jazz pianist Khalid Moss takes a trip down memory lane.

Todd Camp

Abstract artist Todd Camp tells the secrets behind his work.

Rebecca Vizard

Designer Rebecca Vizard transforms antique textiles in her Louisiana studio.

Steve Sabella

Photographer Steve Sabella focuses a lens on his heritage.

Season 4, Episode 8

Matt Kish

Redesigning Moby Dick sparks Matt Kish‘s career in illustration.

Mary Ann Crago

Mary Ann Crago‘s passion is making sculptures out of found items from flea markets and antique stores.

Funk Jam

Musicians flock to the Las Vegas strip for a late night improv session called Funk Jam.

Denver's Women + Film festival

Denver’s Women + Film festival showcases the voices and perspectives of women.

Season 4, Episode 9

Terry Welker

Kettering artist Terry Welker works to understand and extend the language of mobiles by animating form, space, and surface with motion.

Malcolm J

Self-taught illustrator Malcolm J picks up a pencil once more after years of struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues.

David Lynch

Take a look at what first inspired film luminary David Lynch.

Witness cutting-edge art as it’s created at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center in Troy, New York.

Season 4, Episode 10

Clara Coleman

Dayton art instructor Clara Coleman helps aspiring artists connect through education, public outreach, and collaborative projects.

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Allen Conrad

Allen Conrad from Rockbridge uses chainsaws and fire to create unique, one-of-a-kind wooden sculptures.

Charlotte Kruk

Artist Charlotte Kruk turns trash into high design.

Alice Austen house in Staten Island, New York

Visit the Alice Austen house in Staten Island, New York where the passage of time is captured on film.

Season 4, Episode 11

Muse Machine in Downtown Dayton

Take a sneak peek behind scenes of the Muse Machine in Downtown Dayton.

Righteous Mothers Bicycle Club in Columbus

Find out what it takes to be a member of the Righteous Mothers Bicycle Club in Columbus.

Maisha Bahati

Check out timeless pieces by Maisha Bahati on the catwalk.

An urban space in Tampa is reimagined to bring out the kid in all of us

An urban space in Tampa is reimagined to bring out the kid in all of us.

Season 4, Episode 12

Colleen McCulla

Dayton artist Colleen McCulla creates a new work daily and posts her creative processes to social media.

The Joseph, a boutique hotel with an art focus

Travel to Columbus and visit The Joseph, a boutique hotel with an art focus.

Arthur Williams

Denver florist Arthur Williams draws from nature when sculpting human adornments.

Carlos Hernandez

Houston silk screen artist Carlos Hernandez adds a bit of whimsy to everyday items.

Season 4, Episode 13

Rosewood Arts Centre

See how the Rosewood Arts Centre enriches lives through creativity and the arts.

Devon Palmer

Devon Palmer exhibits his craft inside his Columbus woodshop.

Bush-Holley House

Travel back to the golden age of American art at the Bush-Holley House.

Meet Florida artists of the silk as they soar overhead with graceful movements

Meet Florida artists of the silk as they soar overhead with graceful movements.