The Baking Journal

Join Stephanie as she bakes her way through The Baking Journal—your ultimate destination for all things baking! Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just getting started in the kitchen, this channel is your go-to source for delectable recipes, handy tips, and a whole lot of baking inspiration. Each episode also features a dash of the scientific know-how behind Stephanie’s charmingly sweet bakes. The Baking Journal has something for everyone!



About Stephanie Amlung

Stephanie Amlung, host of 'The Baking Journal'

Clinical researcher. Nurse. Mother. Great Dane lover. Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts-certified baker.

Stephanie first discovered her culinary passions through baking with friends while working as a nurse at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Since then, and alongside a busy career in the medical field, Stephanie has pursued her love for baking, cooking up various treats in her kitchen, starting a home bakery, A Charmingly Sweet Life, in 2018 and embarking on The Baking Journal series in 2021. Stephanie considers Martha Stewart & Julia Child as her major influencers and role models. She is a mother to her sons Jeff and Joe and a dog mom to her two Great Danes Bella Rose and Jack. She also believes she is likely the only person at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Nursing Doctoral Program who brought pastries and coffee for all to enjoy during her dissertation defense.