Top Five Episodes of our “For the Love of EdTech” Podcast

Top Five Episodes of our “For the Love of EdTech” Podcast

Summer vacation means no school! It also means a break for Kara and Caryn over at our For the Love of EdTech podcast.

While we wait for the next semester – I mean, season – to premiere in a couple of months, it’s the perfect time to review what we’ve already learned from our hosts and their fantastic guests. That’s why we’ve assembled the Top Five episodes from our latest season for you to enjoy. And, if you’d like to get some extra credit, you can dive into all of our other episodes of the For the Love of EdTech podcast over on the show’s website:

#5 – Meet a Student-Led Robotics Team
Premiered February 2, 2023

The Nuts – the Robotics Team at Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati – started as a student-led initiative more than 10 years ago and is going strong. But this club is about more than making cool robots and going to the Worlds competition. The students who make the team get real-world experience with design thinking, programming, machining, public speaking and much more. In this episode, we’ll talk to the coach and a few members of the team about their experiences and how a Robotics Team has set them up to future engineers.  

#4 – Using Technology with Visual Art High School Students with Jennifer Moorman
Premiered November 3, 2022

Jennifer Moorman art class is about much more than learning techniques – she’s dedicated to helping students create a visual vocabulary for life. By combining technology with her art classes, she’s able to help students draw connections to the world around them and build a stronger toolkit for success in the future.

#3 – Making the Impossible Possible with Assistive Technologies and Michael Roush
Premiered September 22, 2022

Assistive technologies can make the impossible possible for diverse learners. Michael Roush joins us to discuss some of these technologies and the opportunities they can give learners.

#2 – Technology with Littles with Liz Curtis
Premiered October 6, 2022

Using tech with littles can seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Liz Curtis joins us to discuss ways to use tech with younger students and how teachers can approach this sometimes overwhelming idea.  

#1 – EduProtocols in Action with Adam Moler
Premiered October 20, 2022

Adam Moler started his career as a tennis instructor and the ideas of repetition and feedback through tennis instruction helped shape his educational philosophy. Now Adam is leading educators at his school – and helping educators around the country – use EduProtocols to help build student success.