Travel the Globe with New Climate Series this Month

Travel the Globe with New Climate Series this Month

With the Earth heating twice as fast as it was four decades ago, the implications for our planet and everything living on it are ominous. We have two series this month that focus on the effects of changes in climates, Dynamic Planet and Hope in the Water, premiering on Wednesday, June 19, at 8pm on CET.

From melting glaciers to changing weather patterns, these two series highlight what is under threat while showing the surprising ways that the natural world is adapting and how innovative technologies can help. Learn more and explore the episodes below:

Dynamic Planet

Wednesdays, June 19 through July 10, at 8pm on ThinkTV16
Mondays, June 24 through July 15, at 8pm on ThinkTV14

Travel to the most extreme places on all seven continents to explore the work and lives of extraordinary people and animals on the front lines of climate change. Dynamic Planet features cinematography of wildlife in some of the most remote places on Earth. Filmed over three years, this four-part series reveals how science, nature and tradition can prepare us for a fast-changing future.

“Working across seven continents certainly presented challenges — particularly in the age of Covid and increasing climate instability. But we wanted to contextualize the global scale of change, and the ways people and animals are meeting it,” Sue Woodfield, Executive Producer of Dynamic Planet, said in a press release. “We were deeply inspired by what we saw and hope our viewers will be too.”

Although the scale of the problem can seem overwhelming, local conservationists, scientists and Indigenous leaders offer hope for the future. Their efforts show that it’s not too late to adapt, correct past mistakes, and care for and protect our world.

Learn more about the episodes:

Episode 1: “Ice”
Premieres Wednesday, June 19, at 8pm on ThinkTV16

Journey from the frozen polar oceans of Antarctica to the vast plateaus and soaring peaks of the Himalayas on an exploration of how melting icescapes are affecting human and animal life. Get a closeup look at seals, polar bears, and humpback whales and observe changing patterns.  Travel from Greenland to India and explore the creative ways that local hunters, herders and engineers are adapting to their changing landscapes.

Episode 2: “Fire”
Premieres Wednesday, June 26, at 8pm on on ThinkTV16

With record heatwaves, forest fires and droughts, increased migration and human-animal conflict, global heating is having an impact on our environments. From Canada to Namibia, learn how communities are coping with longer and hotter fire seasons and working to support nature as it creates its own solutions. Plus, tune in to meet an unexpected ally in fighting wildfires.

Episode 3: “Water”
Premieres Wednesday, July 3, at 8pm on on ThinkTV16

Warming temperatures are affecting our oceans as well, from the life they contain to the people that rely on them. Marine biologists, Indigenous knowledge holders, city planners and more are working to understand our changing oceans and preserve what’s most at threat. Across the world, conservationists are rescuing wildlife to protect the future of these species, from sea turtles in Mexico to coral of the Great Barrier Reef.

Episode 4: “Earth”
Premieres Wednesday, July 10, at 8pm on on ThinkTV16

As Earth’s climate changes, once-stable natural systems are being thrown into chaos, indications that the natural world is out of balance. Indigenous people – who make up less than 5% of Earth’s population but protect 80% of its biodiversity – are healing their homelands, creating resilience and supporting nature as it finds its own solution. By combining this traditional knowledge with cutting-edge science, we can prepare for a fast-changing future.

Learn more about the series:

Hope in the Water

Wednesdays, June 19 through July 3, at 9pm on ThinkTV16

Travel the globe and explore the groundbreaking work of dedicated fishers, aqua-farmers and scientists who are working toward a sustainable future for the planet. Hope in the Water highlights their creative solutions and breakthrough blue-food technologies that could not only feed us but help save our threatened seas and fresh waterways.

This character-driven, three-part docuseries features environmental enthusiasts Shailene Woodley, Martha Stewart, Baratunde Thurston and special guest José Andrés. They reveal hidden underworlds jeopardized by climate change, irresponsible fishing and exploitation and habitat destruction. They are each authentically tied to a particular story, seeking smart solutions to a planet in peril.

Learn more about the episodes:

Episode 1: “The Fish in the Sea”
Premieres Wednesday, June 19, at 9pm on ThinkTV16

As our seas and sea life face existential threats on an unprecedented scale, new approaches to fishing on the open ocean aim to turn peril into plenty. In this episode, join journalist Baratunde Thurston on a visit to Puerto Rico to see a sustainable diamondback squid fishery born from the wreckage of 2017’s Hurricane Maria.

Episode 2: “Farming in Water”
Premieres Wednesday, June 26, at 9pm on ThinkTV16

Innovative technologies and a reconsideration of ancient practices may hold the secrets to sustainable fish-farming. In this episode, join Martha Stewart as she visits a scallop farm off the coast of Maine – the fastest warming body of water on the planet – and learn why aquafarms like this are the future.

Episode 3: “Changing the Menu”
Premieres Wednesday, July 3, at 9pm on ThinkTV16

With a growing population, demand for food is on the rise and our oceans are feeling the pressure. In this episode, explore how creative approaches to diversifying our diets are rewriting menus worldwide. Join California native Shailene Woodley as she goes underwater with a team of divers who are turning barren urchins into food.

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