Two EPIC Butter Boards – Sweet & Savory Recipes!

Let’s make the newest trendy food item – butter boards!

We’ve all heard of charcuterie boards, but have you heard of butter boards?! This newest trend has taken the internet by storm, so we are giving our version of it in this episode of “The Baking Journal.”


  • High-quality butter (room temperature)
  • Assorted bread
  • Spices of your choice
  • Jams of your choice


  1. Take a high-quality butter and spread it out on your board. You can be creative here and create any design you’d like. I created butter daisies by squeezing out five dollops of butter and then spreading it out to create the illusion of a flower.
  2. For a savory butter board, sprinkle spices of your choice over the butter to give it a wonderful flavor. For a sweet butter board, spread out a variety of jams over the butter.
  3. Complete your boards with assorted breads.