Van Der Valk Season 2


Marc Warren (The Good Wife) reprises his role as Commissaris Piet Van der Valk in the second season of the Amsterdam-set police drama. Maimie McCoy (All Creatures Great and Small), Luke Allen-Gale (The Borgias), Elliot Barnes-Worrell (Ready Player One), Darrell D’Silva (Atlanta) and Emma Fielding (Bridgerton) all return to their respective roles.


Sundays, September 25 through October 9, at 9pm on ThinkTV16

Episode 1: Plague on Amsterdam
Sunday, September 25, at 9pm on ThinkTV16

Van der Valk is called in to investigate the grisly and theatrical murder of a lawyer. As a discovered cryptic note leads to further murders, Van der Valk and his team must race to uncover the truth before the killer can strike again.

Episode 2: Blood in Amsterdam
Sunday, October 2, at 9pm on ThinkTV16

When an employee of the renowned Cuypers Diamonds is killed and his body delivered in pieces to the wealthy siblings and heirs to the company, Van der Valk must consider a possible tale of revenge against the family.

Episode 3: Payback in Amsterdam
Sunday, October 9, at 9pm on ThinkTV16

When a promising cellist from a prestigious orchestra dies following an acid attack, Van der Valk and his team must delve into the city’s vibrant and eclectic classical music scene in the search for her killer.

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